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Practicing Mindfulness

A major aspect of spiritual development is to linger increasingly in the here- and-now. Practicing mindfulness can help. Carolin Toskar gives inspiring impulses for more mindfulness in everyday life.

Mindfulness is the ability to linger in the here- and-now“. Sounds simple and concise. In its effects and scope, however, the principle of mindfulness is extremely extensive and is increasingly the focus of research in the natural sciences and humanities of the Western world. Numerous highly readable books and articles have been published on the topic. In management, coaching and education, the topic of mindfulness has arrived via communication techniques and stress reduction. And medical journals regularly publish studies regarding the link between health and the practice of mindfulness. The contemporary western trend towards “mindfulness” appears unbroken. Every month, some 250,000 Internet search queries are made on the topic of “Mindfulness”.


Finding Inner Peace

How can we achieve inner peace, one of the most spiritually meaningful states? Carolin Toskar, co-founder of the Spiritual Health Foundation, gives inspiring impetus to more inner peace in everyday life.

On our way to an orphanage in Thailand, we noticed a monk in the middle of the busy traffic and the activity of the city. What a contrast: he walked slowly and thoughtfully through the restlessness and the streets in his saffron robe and carrying an alms bowl with a delicate smile on his lips. What is it that seems to make him so fulfilled and open to all outside influences?

Precious Moments
My husband Alexander and I do a meditation every morning that ends with a sequence that says: May all beings be happy, may all beings fare well, may all beings be free of physical suffering, may all beings be free of mental suffering, may all beings be free of emotional suffering.


Breast Cancer Haven

I first met Alexander and Carolin in Thailand a year ago, where I experienced my first session of Divine Straightening and was struck by their calm and compassion and intrigued by the work that they do.

I founded and set up a series of day-care centres, Havens, in the UK – in London, Hereford and Leeds – for people with breast cancer. The centres work hand in hand with the medical establishment, offering a free programme of in-depth support aimed at improving quality of life and supporting the hospital treatments with a variety of therapies that help not only to manage emotional fears, but also deal with the physical symptoms of breast cancer – nausea, fatigue, pain and hot flushes. We have one of the widest ranges of complementary therapies in the country.


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