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Pattaya Orphanage

Here are 200 orphans at home. The Orphanage gives the children the chance to obtain an education and escorts them, until they find a job and they are ready to care for themselves. Our Foundation supports the organisation with donations, treatments and energy exercises for children and their tutors.

Khun Toy, who has been directing the home for 18 years, wrote: “This is the first time ever, that the Orphanage gave permission to give Healing Sessions for our children, like you and your husband do. This is something completely new for the children and the teacher. We are deeply grateful, that you both presented us your time and knowledge. It took us by surprise, that although the children are deaf and our little ones still very young, they were very concentrated during the session. You must have a very special gift to keep the children’s attention high for a long time. The day was wonderful, and it is beautiful to see the kids in the bright orange T-Shirts. Thank you so much for your support and wonderful Healing energy.”

The Pattaya Orphanage, Thailand

Breast Cancer Haven

A charitable centre for people with breast cancer with an extensive offer complementary therapy.

The Spiritual Health Foundation supports the affected women with lectures, following spiritual healing sessions and donations. 

Sara Davenport founded this day-care centre 10 years ago. She had to witness how her former nanny developed breast cancer and how she despite good medical care had to cope alone with this difficult diagnosis. Sara quit her successful job as art dealer to actually create the Haven, with the aim, to improve the patients quality of life and to help them also to handle their emotional anxieties.

Sara experienced the reactions of the involved persons: “Each one of them came out and seemed to be surprised – on the one hand by the answer of their body – as every one was straightened – and also by the intense warmth they felt radiating from their hands. The event was a great success and everyone who was able to share this experience, was deeply grateful.”

Breast Cancer Haven, London
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Health Facilities

Lectures, spiritual treatments and training for nurses and doctors on behalf of the  Ministry of Public Health (MOPH, Bangkok) for dissemination of alternative healing methods.

Dr. Jakkriss, General Inspector at the MOPH, reports: "Everytime when he visits Thailand with Carolin we have some other lecture, we have some treatments, we have some of the give the knowledge or education to the people in several provinces. Starting from Trang, Nakhon Si Thammarat , Phattalung, Bangkok and also Nong Khai, Surat Thani also in Koh Samui and I think up to now a lot of people in Thailand knows him very well. And I also have my own TV-programs. It is about alternative medicine and we invite him once in the year. And I think what he did now we can find some chance for the Tai people, and they improve a lot about what Alexander and Carolin introduce them to do."

Health facilities, Thailand

Palliative Care Volunteers

The Palliative Care Thailand is an organization of volunteers working for chronically ill people with serious illness. Their mission is to be their friends tll the last moment of life, and bereavement of their families.

The volunteers have passed over 160 hours of training on basic medical care, alternative medicine, physiotherapy and psychological and spiritual counseling.

The Spiritual Health Foundation has treated 100 volunteers and trained them in spiritual energy work.

The Palliative Care Volunteers, Thailand

Streetkids International

This small children’s help organization, headquartered in Frankfurt, maintains in Tanzania 3 orphanages, a medical center and training projects and schools for orphans.

For several years we support this organization that was started by our friend Daniel Preuss and of course our godchildren in Tanzania. Last year we were able to finance an carpenter apprenticeship for a trainee.

Streetkids International e.V.
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Raven Drum Foundation

Rick Allen, world-famous drummer for Def Leppard, had a car accident that changed his life. He lost an arm, but turned personal tragedy into spiritual transformation and continued his musical career. Rick started a great charitable project, the Raven Drum Foundation. He supports children and adults, who had traumatic experiences and were undergoing major crisis.

In autumn 2010 we produced a Healing-Audio-CD at Rick Allens recording studio. The revenues of the CD-sales will benefit the Spiritual Health Foundation and the Raven Drum Foundation.

Raven Drum Foundation, Los Angeles
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Foundation for the Blind

The nonprofit organization was founded in 1978 by the blind Prayat Punong-ong. Today, the CFBT supports more than 4,000 blind children and young adults yearly.

The groups of children of different ages and levels of disability have received spiritual treatments. At the very first contact with our hands, they have taken physical and emotional confidence and absorbed the energy.

In addition, the CFBT was supported by gratuity for the children’s educational programs.

Christian Foundation for the Blind in Thailand (CFBT)


Child Protection Center

More than 2000 street children live in Pattaya. Many of them suffer from exploitation, abuse and grow up under life-unworthy conditions. The outreach workers visit the children in the 17 slums and try to help with the bare necessities on site. The Foundation supports this project with spiritual treatments and donations.

The Foundation sponsor Vicky Weber from Denmark who accompanied us, was very moved by this experience: “This was the most touching, happiest and healthful experience for a very long time.“

Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC), Thailand


Ban Lung Pitak

Ban Lung Pitak Child-Project in Phuket was set up to provide education for disadvantaged children from slums and construction sites.

The daycare is located on the grounds of the prison, and takes care of the children whose parents are in prison. They receive a basic education as well as medical and psychological support. The Spiritual Health Foundation donated all revenues of a charity healing day in Phuket to this project.

Arnat Utuchkul, publisher of Phuket-Index: "To us, you come to Phuket is a very special gift. Thank you so much for everything. Both of you are so kind and I can feel for the happy atmosphere is all around us, when you came."

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Baanaree Foundation

Baanaree Foundation, Thailand
Foundation for meditation and healing, Thailand
Temporary project


Temporary Projects

Carebase, provider of nursing, residential and dementia care, London (UK)

Donations for the Organizations: Glueckskette (CH), Save the Children (GER), Kindernothilfe, (CH/Haiti), Mission for Children „Die Sternsinger“ (GER/Haiti), Unsere Kleinen Brueder und Schwestern e.V. (GER/Haiti)

Your Donations

Aurelia, 8 years, made a beautiful foundation donation cans. She has the following message for the children, who receive your donation:

“So, I wish all children a wonderful life, much joy and fun with the friends. May all be happy and be able to laugh a lot.“

We join this wish from the bottom of our heart and will do our best for it.

Thanks for your donations and support!

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