Our Mission

The Spiritual Health Foundation is dedicated to the non-profit support of children and dependent people. It has the intention to enhance the health and vitality of needy people and their carers and strengthen their skills for self-healing.

The support for the selected organizations occurs in monetary form, with personal visits, free healing treatments and by guidance to ‘self-help assistance’.

The foundation is based in Zumikon Zurich, Switzerland

Board of Trustees

Carolin Toskar, President and Co-founder
Alexander Toskar, Co-founder and Board of Trustees 
Bernhard G. Mettler, Board of Trustees

Our self-conception

  • The work of the Foundation Board of Trustees is voluntary
  • The charitable activities of the foundation has been recognized as non profit
  • The Foundation is confessionally neutral and ideologically independent
  • The Foundation operates with national and international recognition
  • The Foundation exclusively supports projects, whose founder we personally know
  • The monetary contributions consists of donations from individuals as well as pro rata from the proceeds of our spiritual products

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